We are facing a global crisis. The industry is moving away from a one for all mentality and is joining forces to share intel to better the future of our environment. The fashion industry is worth £2 trillion while accounting for 10% of the global environmental impact. Specific targets are being implemented and greenwashing is emerging, while activists are for ever growing. Fashion needs to meet in the middle.

“This is an opportunity, as a start-up our mission was to provide a solution. We were never looking to the ordinary.”

Before I started my journey as a Fashion student, I had an issue. It was me, my body and the ideals society had led me to believe; but it wasn’t me that was the problem. It was learnt behaviour.

I had admired my mother’s Levi and Pepe jeans since I could remember and when the time was right I wanted to invest in my own pair. To be able to keep them as a closet favourite for 20 years, to live in them, to celebrate me and my body. But I never got that chance.

They didn’t fit me.

I looked at my body and thought it had failed me, I thought I was wrong because
I couldn’t fit into these renowned pair of jeans; even though they said they were 03 my size – I quickly realised that these jeans were not made with me or my body shape in size, in fact they weren’t made for everybody at all.

That’s where it all began.

My studies has educated and inspired me to take my ideas further. I knew from the very beginning that there would be no way that I would make a pair of jeans that added to the environment, so I came up with a solution.

We would take unwanted jeans and make them into made-to-measure, but unlike the industry we would create them in-line with current trends and use old ways to make new things and then we would take things further. We would create circular chains that will challenge the industry.

Authentic, Circular and Made in Wales.

On a journey to build an innovation led and circular made-to-measure jean.