After a long day of travelling to London and back, I called the mothership to meet in Cardiff for food – I was tired and very hungry as I had literally eaten a bagel all day. 

The timing worked out perfect, my mum had waded her way across town to undeniably the best Italian in Cardiff, only to find they did in fact have a table of two available at that time. Located on Church Street this not so hidden gem is now in the hub of some of the best food eatery’s in Cardiff. 

In the last year Church Street has transformed from a deserted ally to a food frenzy now making its name as the food street of Cardiff City Centre. 

Now this is not our first time at Café Citta, we have actually been going there for probably about 8 years now in its 11 years of serving. When I say we love Italian food, we really mean it and good food is extremely hard to pass.

I thought it was time this little beauty was celebrated. 

Like every other visit this time did not disappoint. We started with an antipasto platter, where you can essentially build a bruschetta with the sweet tomatoes, pesto infused rocket and sun dried goodness. The ham is fresh, tasty and there is a drizzle of virgin olive oil to home in those incredible flavours.

Both myself and the mothership opted for the Puttanesca, adding prawns because we always have been a bit extra. 

This was a hearty balance of capers, black olives and spaghetti – it hit every spot that was carbless in my body and I was finally met with food happiness. 

For me the portion size is always perfect because you literally leave feeling unbelievably full of food, but not so full you feel sick – it’s the perfect feeling of warmth that you like to meet with open arms. 

I opted out of the dessert on the account I had had a starter and a main and I am not a huge dessert fan. However, the desserts at Café Zitta are worth sitting for, the coffee with ice cream is regarded as heavenly and I know the tiramisu has turned many a head. 

The mothership enjoyed the Coffee with ice cream, a creamy taste of Italian coffee mixed with the sweet sensation of the creamy ice cream. It honestly is a dessert to finish with.

Again overall this is a place I have gone back to time and time again and will continue to do so until they turn me away. I have to rate this a 9 out of 10 purely based on the fact that 10 will probably always be slightly unachievable – but you never know. 

Posted by:eastcottsammy

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