Small Talk is constantly looking to share and celebrate small businesses and Welsh brands, we value the hard work and dedication it takes to make a small business work successfully, because it ain’t as easy as it looks!

This week we are proud to be sharing our interview with Abigail Walker, the owner of Abigail Walker Lingerie.

The full interview as follows..

ST: Tell us about yourself and your background. Where is your business based?..

A.W : I am Abigail Walker owner of Abigail Walker Lingerie. I started off studying Fashion Design at the University For The Creative Arts in Kent where I really noticed my passion for lingerie design; all of my design work focused on celebrating the female figure. I then transferred to Cardiff Metropolitan University where I was able to focus on lingerie design and starting my own brand. I am originally from Cardiff, so it was amazing to be able to start my business where I grew up.

ST: Where did you get the idea for your business?

A.W : I have always been passionate about body positivity and female empowerment. I have always felt strongly about fighting against women being overly sexualised and I think I was naturally drawn to designing and creating lingerie so that I could build a brand which is about buying lingerie for YOU, to celebrate your own body and feel comfortable and confident whilst doing so.    

ST: What were some of the challenges you faced as a business during the pandemic? 

A.W: The main challenges that I found during the pandemic was that I wasn’t able to take part in any pop-up shops and have the opportunity to actually connect with customers. 

ST: What was the biggest challenge you faced as an individual?  

A.W : Running a small business in the early stages means that you take on every role. I think this has been the most exciting and stressful part. It has been amazing being able to expand my skills but it does take its tole when you are running every single part of the business. It gets easier though, just stick at it. 

ST:What is your favourite part of running your business?  

A.W : I get to do my passion everyday, I absolutely love working on designing and creating the lingerie and the business side. I have learnt a lot about social media and really expanded my knowledge of web design which has been eye opening.

ST: How do you overcome down days if you have them? Mental blocks, brain fog, burn out etc.

A.W : It it really important to take some days for yourself and to not feel guilty about it. I am a bit believer in self care and even though you are running a business it is even more important to make sure you don’t burn yourself out. 

ST: Running your business through social media can be difficult and consuming, do you think the changes to the algorithms have helped or made it more challenging to produce more content more often?

A.W : Over the past few months I have found that Instagram’s algorithm has made it more difficult to get our posts seen. However, it is important to keep going and try out new things. I have been trying to create more Instagram reels which are really popular at the moment. It is important to think of new and inventive ways to get your brand and product out there and I think this new algorithm is pushing us to be more inventive. 

ST: Do you have any advice for other small business owners?  

A.W : If you have spells where orders are slow etc, don’t panic! All small businesses have bad weeks, even months! If your business is something that you are passionate about don’t give up, it will all be worth it in the end. Be consistent, know your customer and USP. 

ST: If there’s anything you’d like to add that you felt you haven’t  mentioned, feel free to add it here.

A.W : Just a little overview of Abigail Walker Lingerie, we create handmade lingerie in the UK. We offer custom sizing on the majority of our products at no extra cost. Our lingerie is for everyBODY. We also offer a bespoke lingerie service which is perfect for creating your own bridal lingerie, or just to treat yourself! 

You can find Abigail’s Lingerie on her website – – as a fan favourite, Sam our Founder cannot recommend her lingerie enough. The fabric quality is amazing and the fit is a forever go to in my wardrobe. You can also grab A.W Lingerie via ASOS Marketplace.

P.S here is the gram handle for some juicy lingerie : @abigailwalker_lingerie

Big Love, The Small Talk Team x

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