Has modern architecture lost its sense of purpose in new housing builds? Are we being funnelled into a market led by new builds and overpriced housing estates.

I have this burning frustration that revolves around new houses that are being built now based on the fact that they all look the same, not forgetting that they are also overpriced. Are we subconsciously being funnelled to see that there is only one type of property? 

When we look at architecture and the endless possibilities that can be achieved, these new builds seem so unimaginative. [ I just need to point out there is nothing wrong with new builds, this is just my opinion. ] Below is an example of my an example of my argument…

We now save so much money to buy our forever home, but do we even know what our forever house is? Does that house do more than stand in the middle of a new estate, does it stand in the middle of green fields, next to a beach or on the face of a mountain cliff? Yes, I was dreaming a bit by the end there.

The home is a pride and place for so many and I always think, it’s good to recycle clothes but you wouldn’t want to go to a party and find someone wearing the same outfit as youso would you want the same architecture as someone if you really had the choice. 

But that’s where our choice is very limited because we can only buy what is there, rather than challenge the social parameters. For many people buying a home is a huge milestone and so it should be but it has been made so much more difficult especially for young people based on salary to the finances needed. 

According to research I have found, “in 1997 it would cost 3.4 times your salary, while a new build then would set you back 4.6 times. That figure now looks like 7.6 times your salary and 9.7 if you want a new build.” 

When these new estate with so many hundreds of houses appear in some ways the housing already within that area, especially if it’s classed as a ‘nicer’ area will diminish in price because they lose scarcity meaning they lose their value long-term. 

Housing will eventually crash as an aftermath of the pandemic – but will architecture take a new route and become more eco-conscious and possibly even more economically viable?  

According to the Environment Agency, living accommodation in the UK accounts for 30% of our total energy use, 24% greenhouse gases and 27% of carbon dioxide emissions. 

So here’s where my argument comes to play, we save to buy a house that is overpriced, in my opinion unimaginative and eventually outdated given the environmental direction of the world. Should we at least start looking at other possibilities such as eco-houses or self-builds?

There are so many economically benefits from eco-built homes. It reduces bills, saves on maintenance and could provide you with more equity that a new build on another estate. Yes, some new builds that include sustainable materials can be excessively overpriced making it difficult to even consider and based on the salary to money needed can be more than unlikely. 

Something I have now found on my internet travels might interest those of you looking to buy a house, or a second property that you may not be aware of. In 2020 the Welsh government launched a £210 million pound scheme to help with those who want to build their own home. This would include ‘oven ready’ plots accompanied by a loan of 75% of building plot and 100% of the cost to building the house. 

With the challenge of getting onto the property ladder forever growing could taking a risk and building something that doesn’t already exist become the new mainstream?….

For those of you who may be interested, I have included the link for the self-build application below for anyone that may be interested in my latest ramblings. 


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