I recently saw that Bab Haus had set up their HQ in Bedwas and after eating some of their Tex Mex before it felt like a no brainer to place an order with them for my mums lockdown birthday. 

So first things first, let’s just be clear and saying this is an honest review so please don’t be discouraged to eat from there because their Tex Mex is delicious. 

The Menu – Easter Sunday. [ Leyli Joon & Co Mezza Feast ]

  • ½ Chicken braised in saffron, orange and shallots. | 
  • Slow braised lamb shoulder, Persian dried limes, fenugreek and fresh herbs. 
  • Jewelled rice: saffron, orange and barberry butter, rose petals. 
  • Labneh pickled heritage carrots, zhoug, zaatar, dill.

(Labneh is hung yogurt, blended with garlic, lemon and tahini).

  • Mirsa Ghasemi: Smoked aubergine, saffron, tomato, garlic, confit shallots. 
  • Date, feta almond & parsley salad.
  • Lavash – Flat Bread. 

Dessert –

  • White Chocolate cremeux, blood orange and grapefruit, fruit gel crystallised pistachio, Persian candy floss and kataifi pastry. 

The order – I placed the order via their website, I did notice that their mobile and desktop both had different landing pages. The mobile was saying everything was out of stock while you could place an order via a laptop which did initially confuse me and my mum when trying to remotely decide on the menu. 

I managed to place an order which on the website which showed that the order would be ready for collection on the 27th. Unfortunately there was a technical issue, so when I arrived on the Saturday the order would not be ready until the week later, I’ll be honest I was at a bit of a loss because my mum’s birthday was the following day and the email had gone to my junk mail. So I did have to leave empty handed. 

However, a week later I went back only to be met with success and excitement.  

Everything was packaged amazingly and it was obvious a lot of prep and organisation had gone into each order. Aesthetically it ticked all of the boxes and everything was incredibly fresh and the packaging was reusable and recyclable which again is a great factor for me. 

Both orders came with instructions and also the team offered to help via socials if we were still confused. The only confusion we really had was what went with what because there were so many boxes and bits of detail. It came across like it was a help yourself but a serve one thing at a time so we didn’t really know based off the instructions or the website. 

In terms of re-heating things this was really straightforward and we began to help ourselves.

½ Chicken braised in saffron, orange and shallots. – Out of the two the Chicken was probably my favourite even though I’m partial to a slow cooked lamb dish. It worked better in both mine and my mums opinion with the sauce which really just balanced all of the flavours. The chicken wasn’t dry and it was a clean taste. I don’t remember tasting much of the orange although overall it was still fresh, the sauce could have been a reduced a bit more.

Slow braised lamb shoulder, Persian dried limes, fenugreek and fresh herbs. – I was a little disappointed because I do love slow cooked lamb. In terms of texture the lamb was lovely, melt in your mouth but there was way too much fenugreek in the sauce which really put the dish off balance. Again the sauce needed to be reduced a bit further to balance the taste of the sauce.

Labneh pickled heritage carrots, zhoug, zaatar, dill. – Ok so as someone who cannot stand dill, not even the smell, I was pleasantly surprised by this dish but it didn’t overwhelm me. I know the only reason I tolerated the taste was because of the yogurt with the blend of garlic and tahini, so that is saying something! The carrots were nice and crunchy and weren’t soggy even after being prepared and eaten later in the day. This was enjoyed by most, apart from me on the dill. 

Mirsa Ghasemi: Smoked aubergine, saffron, tomato, garlic, confit shallots. – For me personally this was the worst dish. I had one taste and this was not for me, the smokeyness of the aubergine was so overpowering I couldn’t even taste the other ingredients. The yogurt was needed to really balance out the taste but overall this dish was too smokey.

Date, feta almond & parsley salad. – Rated as the most liked dish of the day I would say. Other than having a bit too much parsley, this was a really well balanced side that I probably could have just eaten all day. The feta wasn’t soggy and the dates were sweet but a lovely consistency. 

White Chocolate cremeux, blood orange and grapefruit, fruit gel crystallised pistachio, Persian candy floss and kataifi pastry. – And for the finale, the dessert. So we can appreciate the level of skill that has gone into this dish, but it was horrible. My nan point blank refused to try the kataifi pastry based on the fact it looked like a crow’s nest, ouch. There were a lot of elements to this dish and building it wasn’t the issue, it was just unpleasant to taste. The cremeux was too sweet and didn’t find that balance when it was complemented with the grapefruit and blood orange. I don’t think the gel helped in any way either. The pastry melted slightly and it added a nice crunch but it still didn’t save the overall taste of the dish. Overall I think we were all happy to leave this dish out of the mix. 

Final Verdict. 

Overall there was a lot that was pleasant with this order and there was an abundance of food. When I say an abundance, I think one box could have lasted me and my mum alone for 2 days! I think out of the two boxes which says serves 4 (2 people per box) is an understatement. Between the 4 of us, I don’t think we really cleaned off the one box, so now we have a lot of leftovers, which isn’t a negative. Sadly, I think in terms of the overall taste I was disappointed because unfortunately my mums cooking being as good as it is puts this order below that standard. 

There was great skill, preparation behind these dishes but if I had the opportunity I wouldn’t actively decide to eat this same order again. But I do really love the Bab Haus and will be ordering from them again but I’ll stick to the Tex Mex.

Rating : 5/10

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