Social media, income, money and materialism are some of the key factors in defining success – yet they can also equate to poor mental health. Are we competing against ourselves or everyone else? 

The saying “I’d rather be poor and happy, than wealthy and lonely” still finds a way to set a trend, but how many of us would actually sacrifice wealth for it? 

Let’s start with social media – various platforms that have transformed so many lives in some instances overnight.  It has become a catapult for magnetising people by over-sharing just a small aspect of one’s glamorous lifestyle. Craving that overnight success that seems so easy to achieve for some – forgetting the hours, weeks or months that have gone into the preparation for others. We have fallen into the trap of seeing and believing until we can only compare what we think we want from what others have. Like a video game, it’s a false reality.  

I’ve fallen for this trap; I’ve seen images of unrealistic beauty and negatively compared my own. We know the definition of ‘pretty’ is not measured by your following or your engagement, although more often than not it feels like that is the measure of beauty. 

Moving on to income and more so money which are probably the biggest traps for trying to define success. I actually read another article the other day that highlighted this very well. We see an emerging culture around ‘hustling’ – it’s amazing to have a side hustle and I’m sure more everyone has one in today’s climate. But burn-out is real and it can be detrimental to your health. 

Stress in the work-place can effect everything, like a pattern. I once worked in a poorly managed environment; you don’t realise it’s effects until you leave. You immediately see a shift. The value of my income was not missed because I regained my health. 

The CEO of Monzo recently resigned due to mental health, one of the first of many to be open and honest about his decision to leave. He has in a way disrupted the definition of success because the job title no longer meant what it once had to him. 

Environments change and your well-being needs to be able to adapt. Would you take that risk and leave your job title and your income to be happier?

I’ve seen first-hand how money can manipulate the mind, it’s unhealthy and it has literally destroyed a family. In this instance, my own family. I wouldn’t be surprised if it has destroyed others.

Money is great, it has huge benefits because we can’t really live without it – it’s when it becomes a paperless transaction of defining self-worth, then you need to run from it. By now we know that money doesn’t = success. More specifically, what you do with that money also doesn’t = success. 

So what can we define as success? 

I don’t think we can and I also don’t think we should. Setting ourselves are own goals should be something that helps us to find a purpose but it shouldn’t consume us. Having determination and ambition to succeed should be different for you as it is for me.  The second we start to define it, Is the second we lose it. 

Posted by:eastcottsammy

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