Our female ancestors have fought for our change, a way of life we can sometimes take for granted. We know that to this day not all of our sisters share an equal life, we know that there is still a fight left to be made until we can all share those same privileges. 

It can be easy to shame one another, because we are still entangled in this affixation of female sexualisation. I get it, sex sells. It’s this derogation that finds us looking at one another, who looks better and who is achieving quicker; but we all have our own path, and we all have a voice and a challenge to find the way we want to be seen.

Sometimes unlocking our hidden strength can be the most daunting – what are the repercussions? Shame? Guilt? Or confidence?

“I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear.”

Rosa Parks

I’m proud to have such strong women around me, because it does truly help to sometimes see sense in the situations where I’ve thought my voice, or my behaviour was ridiculed by a ‘man’. It was always those instances where I no longer felt strong, but self-conscious. It’s those comments that can sometimes leave the biggest scars, mentally or physically. 

It can also be those times where you can’t see the pain that is inflicted because you’re too close to see the bigger picture. 

You begin to tolerate those comments, suppress you’re voice and change your behaviour until that part of you that should have been celebrated is continuously told to be and act like something else. 

Speaking up means more than staying silent, it’s something we have learnt from the past and something we will need to continue for the future. A day like today did not exist internationally until 1975.

It was not recognised globally until that day. 

The Suffragettes fight started in 1903.  It took 72 years to be recognised. And to this day, 12 countries still do not give women the right to vote.

Let’s remember why we have fought for a day like today, why we must continue to fight for equality – to speak up and be heard. Taking the first step has always been the biggest challenge and avoiding self-doubt is always the internal battle. 

But women who are well behaved are the women who are secretly being controlled.  

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