Throughout lockdown there has been one thing that we’ve all been battling to maintain a healthy relationship with. Firstly our phones, and secondly Instagram. For the various stages of lockdown we’ve all seen one person or another try to push themselves into new follower territory. My relationship has catapulted into this unhealthy comparison to people who have grown their following in a very short space of time. 

I continue to wonder, when will I go back to enjoying Instagram, and how long will it actually be until 9/10th of the community is a micro influencer of some sorts. 

Yes, I have a blog and a page dedicated to it – but I haven’t tried to grow the following, especially in the last 4 months. It became unhealthy for me, and my belief is that the market is becoming massively over saturated. The blog is my outlet, but the Instagram no longer feels like that. I’ve struggled to want to try find a new way of using this platform because part of me feels like there’s too much insecurity involved around posting and content nowadays. 

Although this new algorithm is complex and has massively effected some small businesses in trying to connect with customers, there is a pattern. 

Market, product and message, connect. 

There are hundreds of articles that can be found, especially around growth hacking. There are also very quick and cheap ways to buy followers, which many influencer have been known to do

But the key I have seen is that the accounts that do well are the accounts people have interest in. Almost like your trying to creepily look into someone’s living room window and see more of their lives. Instagram has essentially become that. 

This seems simple right?

But then there’s also the added pressure of using key and engaging hashtags, there’s geo-tagging, there’s knowing the best time to post, there’s going out and creating your own content or getting brands to notice you  – yes this can be simple if you have a clear market, product and message, but this is also where the market becomes over-saturated – your followers will connect almost unknowingly because of your interests and the algorithm.

But some accounts can be more like marmite.

Instagram give you all of these tools and to optimise your account, the new algorithm expects you to use them all e.i reels, IGTV, feed, stories and live. Now if you weren’t already glued to your phone, they’ve definitely succeeded in achieving that by now. Instagram are doing what they are supposed to be doing extremely well.

“I must have spent hours unhealthily scrolling, to the point I’ve even noticed myself click off of Instagram only to subconsciously re-open it and start scrolling again?”

Instagram have succeeded in becoming a key component of our daily lives, and lockdown has helped with this. But Instagram has also become a mainstream for marketing and no longer a thing of pleasure, it’s just unconscious driving behind a social media wheel.

I find it hard to enjoy Instagram, knowing what it used to be, but I also believe influencers are also going to be the thing that completely destroys the Instagram community. We’re coming to the tipping point until a new kind of “influencer” will emerge, if that’s even where the market will be heading. All hail the makers and creators.

Posted by:eastcottsammy

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