Over the weekend when the sun was shining, I looked out on to the garden and thought, wouldn’t it be lovely to lie out in the sun on a lounger and for some strange reason my mind transported me back to the 60’s. Call it pandemic psychosis or cabin fever, whatever you will but once again I could see myself as a young child in school in, Ynyswen infants. 

I can hear you asking what is the link? Has she finally lost the plot. But you see, when we were around the age of 4 or 5 years old we always had an afternoon siesta on a canvas lounger.

I loved the lounger but I couldn’t get to sleep. I was a serial giggler which didn’t help my classmates fall asleep. Apparently it doesn’t run in the family as my daughter informed me that she always fell asleep, even when she wasn’t supposed to, including her few 2 first days of university. Luckily there were no freshers for primary school! 

It all seemed a bit bizarre really as they used to allow us to play outside where we would run around playing chase, tag or hopscotch or just generally running around in the yard. Until we were wound up like tops, still bouncing with loads of energy only to bring us inside and make us lie down??  I wish I had that energy now! I know this will seem strange to some of my friends because as I got older I did manage to perfect the art of sleeping but not always at a most convenient time!! 

I remember by the time I got to sleep it was time to wake up and learn some new things! I used to always remember looking around at my fellow school chums and us trying not to laugh out loud. The original lol. It just seemed so strange to try and sleep.

On those days I remember by the time I got to sleep it was time to wake up and not long after go home?

If I recall rightly we also had a lot of messy play in school and one of my favourites was playing with water, filling teapots, cup, etc and throwing the stuff everywhere. Even though we had aprons I used to get soaked and sometimes had to be changed into the blue or green knickers and tops they had lying around in the school. This also went for times when I got excited and weed myself!! (should I be divulging that! I was only young and accidents happen). Also I had a tendency to fall a lot and would always come home with my thick ribbed tights in a bag or with holes in them and again wearing those horrid knickers as I had cried so much and wet myself!! Any way my parents dreaded picking me up because they never knew what state of dress I would be in and it cost my mother a fortune in Woolley tights . 🤣

Another good memory was the books. Can anyone remember Janet and John? The teachers all thought I was a good reader throughout primary school but actually I was rubbish as I managed to memorise them! That came to light later on and I had many a tearful evening trying to improve my reading with my dad. He really wouldn’t give up which is what I needed. As an aside I remember when Terry Wogan did his show on radio 2 they did a take off of Janet and John which I thought was hilarious. I have a feeling his togs were Welsh. Can anyone comment? 

There were 2 other memories which I treasure from that time. The first relates to a time when we all helped to make papier-mâché puppets to do a show for the parents. We had to make the characters from the sound of music, including the goats. I remember us blowing up balloons and then adding bits of paper over several weeks before we painted them. I think the teacher made the clothes. I really loved it as we all sang the lonely goatherd song. The other one was our teacher Mrs Leakies cockatoo – she used to bring him into school and he would dance on her shoulder when she fed him fruit. I loved that bird but I cannot remember his name. 

One of the things I remember which wasn’t so pleasant was lunch times and the warm milk. (remember pre-run in with the milk and cornflakes). I remember us going into the school in the morning and the milk being delivered and being left out all day. We were all allocated a quarter bottle of milk a day from the government for our bone health. Not so bad to drink when the weather was cold but when it was warmer I really struggled to drink it without feeling sick and I have a feeling I was not the only one. Today it wouldn’t be allowed but we wouldn’t have to worry about it as it wouldn’t be paid for.

Expectations, below is reality.

So for today’s recipe, it is inspired by other the beauty’s milk can give us. Ice cream, more specifically a parfait. A very luxurious recipe which you can add ingredients to.

Parfait Recipe 

8 Egg Yolks 

250gr of Sugar 

80ml of Water

750ml of Double Cream 

Whisk the egg yolks until its white and thick. Boil the sugar and water to 115’C, and then slowly add to the egg yolks. This will be easier to do with a non hand held mixture. Whisk until the mixture is cool and thick, this is where you can add your own ingredients, so alcohol or fruit. In my opinion, alcohol first. 

For that luxurious finish, add 50ml of Advocaat, 50ml of Lemoncello, and the juice and zest of 2 oranges. This makes it into a snowball parfait. 

Finish by whisking the cream to a soft peak stage and then fold it into the egg mixture. Freeze for at least 2 hours before serving.

Enjoy the calories!

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