Let’s be honest, if the pandemic has taught us university students anything is that paying for something we were led to believe was further education was total bullshit. So why is it that every night we hear absolutely nothing about the support we need and even more about the death caused by the lack of.

We’ve been labelled stupid, we’ve been asked to help support society and we’ve also been told we’re the cause of the downward spiral. But let’s be honest, we’re all sitting here wondering why we the students are in so much debt, basically jobless and now even career-less all because the government and the universities have failed to support us mentally, failed to support us financially, meaning we could possibly be a forgotten generation.

(But then on the other hand we see some people absolutely ballin’ from new social media money hacks).

Can you believe that in the last two years we have been put into further of debt, for what exactly? I realise we don’t have to pay it all back straight away, but lets be real – you didn’t go to university just so you could get a £20,000 paying job. You went because you wanted to put that degree to eventually make you more money. Or you just went for the lifestyle but even that’s been a bit shit thanks to Corona.

[Per year these figures are based off a maintenance loan and tuition. If you are on the new scheme you can be entitled to up to £9,000 per year along with £9,000 for tuition. Technically that is £18,000 per year – £36,000 in two years? ]

And if you’re considering a Masters it’s up to £17,000 a year just for tuition. Yay.

If you were before 2018 then you were entitled to up to £4,000 and your parents or you yourself were expected to pick up the rest. Thank you assholes.

Let’s keep it simple, do you think in those two years you feel £36,000 better off, £36,000 smarter or £36,000 nearer to your career?

Because I sometimes feel that it hasn’t been worth it. From Sep 2019 to end of term I calculated that I wasn’t even in university for 4 months. I started at the end of September, followed by my Christmas break. I didn’t start back until the beginning of February. From then we were only in until mid March, followed by our Easter break, back in for 2 weeks to say adios for the year. But then I could also say I’ve enjoyed it.

Can I get a fab-u-lous?

I tell you what though it’ll be worth the certificate, finding an entry level job expecting 2 years of experience or possibly un-paid internships in cities we can’t afford to live in – it really makes up for all of that further learning that we all so gracefully paid for. I know I don’t just speak for myself on that note.

But why are we being forgotten?

We’ve rallied for change, we’ve petitioned for more support, for better equality, to close the gap on the glass ceiling, to be more than just a statistic and yet our voices are still being hidden.

So what else can we do. How many more students will be pushed aside, how many more will commit suicide, how many more will face traumatic mental breakdowns – when will it ever really end?

When we officially see governments act on our well-being and when will we see university’s shift their mentalities from money driven to student driven. The honest answer is you won’t.

You’ll get some lectures that will help and support you massively but that’s if you’re lucky. I worked in Morrisons at the beginning of 2020, where I worked with an ex-professor of marketing and economics (I won’t say for which university), he had decided to leave the university due to negligence of students and teaching standards.

He didn’t believe the university was offering a service of teaching and knowledge that was needed to allow students to enter the industry after graduating. It’s a shame because we’re in this mind field of uncertainty and yet we can’t find this balance of experience and eduction that employers are looking for.

Being forgotten may push us to change even more because If we’ve learnt one thing is that we won’t see anything happen if we just wait for it and honestly I don’t know how much longer we can keep up these Zoom lectures.

Posted by:eastcottsammy

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