Well let’s just start by saying, Happy Valentine’s day. I hope everyone has taken the time today to indulge on some overpriced Lindor chocolates; because I’ve got to say it, if you haven’t you’re doing it wrong. Below in Exhibit A, is the kind of behaviour I expect to see.


I’ll be honest, this is one of those days of the years I naturally don’t add to my calendar because I like so many am not in a relationship. Just a long term relationship with myself!

We’ve been together now for 22 years and we’re still not very fond of each. I have a horrible relationship with my mind and my body and for couple of months now I can feel that the two are not aligned. This Valentines for me is another day of finding that happy medium of internal happiness and self-confidence.

I’ve funny enough never actually had a short term or long term relationship and there is honestly nothing wrong with that. I find that a day like today can sometimes be this reminder that being alone can be the wrong thing. Unfortunately, I’d have to say I disagree, the idea seems lovely and there are definitely somedays where I think it would be nice to have a person to share things with – but for the rest of the time I don’t want that. I need that energy to continue to focus on myself and my own needs.

I’ll be cliche and say I’ve been on this journey, not trying to work out who I am but more so to try and understand what are the things that I really want, need and trigger me to loose myself. For me like so many others, being in your earlier twenties is like wearing a badge of fearlessness and complete vulnerability.

So far my twenties has just been a series of poor and entertaining mistakes usually as a result of too much alcohol. No shock there.

I’ve been naive rather than stupid. I’ve been on this journey to learn from new world mistakes.

Being your own Valentine can mean so much more than just being ‘lonely’. It’s about being alone with yourself and actually being comfortable. Finding peace with your mentality if that’s something you struggle with, appreciating your body rather than criticising it. Living your life and enjoying it, rather than being emerged in a blanket of anxiety.

This day is a celebration and it’s a celebration of love. Whether you’re in a relationship or ‘single as a Pringle’, just be reminded that this day is only a single day in a whole year where we can celebrate that same feeling. Finding a love for yourself can mean being shown it by someone else in a time where you forgot how to feel, it can mean finding a balance of love that connects your mind and body to a place of complete security. We all go on this long and hard journey to feel more than our own insecurities. (Yes, pun can be intended here). It’s just achieving that love that fits well for you and your needs.

So to all of you out there celebrating this lovely day, have fun and enjoy.

Posted by:eastcottsammy

If you are feeling vulnerable this is a blog that shares those insecurities. We are here to open conversations about those difficult thoughts and feelings, we're also here to celebrate adventure, culture and all things fashion and food. From the start of the blog, we know have new writers, creatives and collaborators working with us.

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