So in the industry at the moment, there’s lots of talk about the saturation of Influencers. Let’s be honest they’re everywhere, we’d all like to low key be one – boast a larger following and claim to have some influence, myself included (sometimes!). It does undoubted take a lot of work and a lot of large scale companies are very particular about who they scout and who they eventually work with. 

On my Instagram travels, this brand NA-KD kept coming up. 

Now I’ve never shopped with them before and my experience on their site weirded me out so much that I decided I needed to tell other people about it, shock. At the end of the day can we really trust every influencer we come across, macro or micro because let’s face it the majority of them could look good in a brown paper bag. 

I’ll go through the site features, check-out point and overall user features. Delivery, email confirmation and then obviously the product itself. 

The Site: [First Impressions]. 

Very social media driven. Understandable because that’s where their customers see them the most. At the bottom of the landing page there’s links to future collabs, all of which are either Insta or Tik Tok influencers and to tell the truth they all look too similar for my liking – and funny enough the site is said to have a 4.4/5.0 rating on trust pilot?? Interesting. 

Now this is where it all went downhill very quickly. As you do you spend time searching, you add products to your cart and then you ‘proceed’ to the checkout. I got the checkout and had a look over the total as you do. The total was pretty much £10 overpriced than my order totals and to get free delivery it obviously wanted me to spend another £31 on top of my already £40 order. As a first time customer I actually was really pissed by this. I get its fast fashion and all about the money money but I did not really want to spend £7.75 on postage. They literally produce on MASS scales, htf can it still be that price? 

The issue is when clothes are cheaper, you expect more for your money and that was not that! 

I added my details and some people might think this feature is amazing but I did not, with a capital N. I only had to type my postcode and my name and It automatically knew my full address and D.O.B. Honest to god, I stared at my screen in disbelief. 

Despite the now disbelief and annoyance of incorrect discounts I gave in and paid because at this point I was pissed but I wanted to know what the fuss was. 

Above is the items I bought.

The packaging came with a shit tones of plastic sleeves which is good because my orders weren’t damaged but also nothing special.

I ordered a Small in the jumper and it was way too big. (I’m 5ft and and on average a ‘larger’ size 8) I honestly didn’t know if the sizes run larger than their size guide which actually appears smaller than other brands. The jumper itself was pretty itchy so If you have sensitive skin this is not the one for you – it’s a jumper you wouldn’t typically wear a top underneath or a bra for that matter if you’re a bit small in the bust. The length runs too long and lands on the hips, so if you were to wear anything high waisted it would make you look disproportionate. 

The earrings I ordered I actually loved and have pretty much worn every day – simple and easy and so far have not gone green. I also ordered an off the shoulder black crop top. The material does seem again cheap but more reliable than the jumper – so yeah I’m keeping that as well. 

The only thing I wonder now is when I send my jumper back will I get back the correct total because this so far has been my biggest issue. At the checkout my order was £50 something, which they calculated a 10% discount as £1.60?? Now I’m not a math wizz but even I knew that was way off. 

And last but not least, the delivery. 

So I received a confirmation that my order had been put through, followed by a second email to say it was being dispatched shortly. Now as you do, you get updates when your parcel will be shipped and eventually delivered but here’s where it went tits up again. I didn’t get an email to say when it had been delivered to my door and what happened… it bloody snowed. I can’t actually tell you how long my parcel had been left outside my door because I didn’t officially have it to hand until Monday mid-day when my postie knocked my door to let me know it was there. I’m guessing most of the weekend. 

Overall I’d say my experience was a strong 2 out of 5. I saw a dress I absolutely loved but I also do not want to go through that bizarre experience again. This is probably just one of those where it has happened to me but it’s not saying the same will for you.

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