So we all know by now that 2020 for most of us was a complete rite off. The biggest thing we learnt in Britain is that we are literally being led by a bunch of un-trained buffoons. If Boris Johnsons’ hair wasn’t enough, his take on the pandemic is not far off Trump and that’s being polite.

Maybe I’m being a bit cynical but nothing is going to change in a week because nothing changed in a year. I’m sat here in my third lockdown because oh low and behold the R rate actually went up. By the time the vaccine has rolled out most people will have already been exposed to the new strain and we will be back to square one and with that my hope for 2021. According to the BBC, Wales had already been in lockdown for 100 days in June, that’s not included the two other bloody lockdowns we’ve had. If my maths is correct, which its probably not Wales / Caerphilly area have been in lockdown for 163 days.

We literally only have a population of 3.136 million (yes I am fact checking). New Zealand is our closest comparison with a population of 5 million and they are out of lockdown and back to normal. Lucky bastards.

How they have eliminated the virus so quickly, in March they went into a Tier 4 lockdown, which lasted only 5 weeks and then moved to a Tier 3 for another 2 weeks – the virus rapidly declined and basically continued to do so. In the same way the NHS has prepared for chaos this was also predicted for NZ but unlike Wales they switched strategies to eliminate. So after 103 days after the first case was found they had no new cases, at all.

You never know the government might want us all to secretly gain weight so everyone then has to ‘make’ better lifestyle choices paying more for leisure services, and they might have wanted to cripple the NHS even more than it already has been for the last 30 years so people take out private healthcare? Rather than taking the piss and getting paracetamol prescribed to them through their fucking GP. {If you didn’t know it actually costs the NHS 3 times more to prescribe paracetamol when you can literally buy them in Home Bargains for 25p}

The NHS literally spent £70 million prescribing paracetamol.

So despite all of that the real problem I keep finding myself in, who do I really believe, the media is literally no help half the time because I find they’re just as confused. Secondly, what the fuck is actually going on? Like seriously, is Wales in lockdown for another year? Because at this point I might as well build my own grave.

On a much more serious note this has been an awakening year for us all. It has been the wake up call we didn’t need, a time to really appreciate our family and friends and the fortune around us. Even though I don’t see much hope for 2021, my little goal is to stop thinking and just start doing more because the rest has gone to utter shit. If there’s anything I’ve really learnt from 2020, is to literally take it one day at a time because despite it all life is even more unpredictable now than ever.

Posted by:eastcottsammy

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