I’ve been wanting to write a post like this for a while, so let’s get a little bit serious. Changing my wardrobe into a capsule collection has been the most effective thing I have probably done in the last two years, yes, seriously. My mornings are no longer spent trying to piece outfits together in a full on stress, it’s as easy and breezy like you wouldn’t never have imagined. 

How did I do it? Let me break it down for you real slow. 

So I started by essentially doing a bit of a spring clean, it did involve taking out my whole wardrobe but some things need a little bit of hard work for a long term reward. To cut a long story short I was moving back form Cardiff, already moving my clothes back I just thought now is the time to get through it all in one go. 

It’s effort and I may or may not have wanted to cry but my mam carried me through the whole way, you will be able to do this, trust me. I will admit, I do have a lot of clothes so it took me a while to take my whole wardrobe out but by doing that ‘spring clean’ I was able to see what pieces of clothing I don’t really wear anymore and which ones I wanted to revive. It’s the time where you may feel like being a bit of savage but it is needed in order to get to that final goal. 

As you may or may not know, I live in Wales so there is no such thing as a summer and winter wardrobe anymore because we can literally have all four seasons in one day, so my wardrobe is a combination of the two which I find extremely helpful if one day it’s a full one heat wave and the next it’s -0’C, it also doubles for making less work all year round. It also means you can keep your cozy jumpers in your wardrobe all year round. 

Tip: I would suggest taking out your wardrobe in sections, this will make it easier to group outfits as you go along, thus making it easier to add to those collections as you go along. 

The first step you will need to complete is the spring clean, group the items you want to keep, the items you want to sell and the items you want to give to charity. I have got a Depop account but I find things never sell on there – I mainly use Ebay but the fees can be ridiculous depending on how many items you list. I haven’t used anything else as of yet so if anyone else has any tips, please drop me a message. 

Tip: Buy now is usually more effective than auctioning an item, however you get charged 50p per listing; you will usually sell for quicker using the auction but only if you’re selling items for dirt cheap. Setting your auction price for higher will be better but may take longer. 

So once you’ve grouped your items you then move onto the clothing you want to keep. 

Starting with a colour, this will be the easiest way to group your clothes together, the aim is to select one piece of clothing and match it with another piece which can then also be matched with another piece. Sounds complex but trust me we will get there. For example, if you have a bodysuit whatever colour it is, find a skirt and a pair of trousers that would go with that bodysuit. Once you’ve done that the next step would be to pair another top with the jeans or the skirt. Add a jumper or a cardigan that would finish the look off (like I said I’m planning for summer and winter) and that would be one collection. 

Tip: When you’re doing this keeping the colours/tones in the same group will help as you go along. 

Repeat this process with the rest of your clothes, essentially grouping collections of clothing which can all be worn together and or make an outfit. Take your time with this, make sure you’re happy with the collections, stand back and have a look if there’s something you think works better in another collection even go as far as adding accessories if you want to get a better idea altogether. 

Tip: If you have going out clothes a.i dresses or work clothes, I grouped these together separately as they are an outfit in themselves and hung them on one side of my rail. 

If any of this has made any sense to you, then you should be looking at a numerous collections of clothing, the next step being to make sure all of your clothing has hangers and to put them back into your wardrobe in their new order. In my wardrobe I have kept the darker collection colours together, moving onto colour and then to lights and neutrals. This allows me to be able to see different moods and vibes depending on how I’m feeling when I initially wake up. 

If you feel like your wardrobe isn’t quite ready for this, when you’re shopping start thinking about a piece of clothing that can be worn with several items. Try avoiding buying a piece just for a night out, get a piece you can see against several items and you will slowly see your capsule wardrobe to build up. 

I myself have been aiming for this for a while so I’m very fussy when it comes to adding any new pieces to my wardrobe – I don’t know about anyone else but every time I want something new I’m looking for something specific which I can usually never find until a couple of months later so I always go to charity shops and vintage kilo sales. I’m not too bothered on where or how much I spend on my clothing but I’m fussy on style, colour and quality. Yawn, I know. 

So Voila, hopefully this made sense and is an easy way to make your wardrobe a little more conscious focused. If this works for you let me know! I love hearing success stories.

Love Sammy x

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