Simon Sinek. 

For many people we think our thoughts are the only thoughts that exist, but according to Simon they’re not, which makes me wonder are millennials that predictable? I mentioned in my first blog post a small battle with mental health that effected my first year in university. What I didn’t mention was the severity of it. A year on, my closest friends and family have opened up to me, expressing their concern and worry they had at that time, and to one day wake up realise I wasn’t anywhere to be found; driving around to find me in a ditch somewhere just lifeless. And for most of that time I thought the same. I was just a body with no life or personality. 

For a year and a half I went missing. 

How I agree with Simon’s opinion so much is down to his understanding of the cause and the effect. How do I relate to this? I was and I wasn’t the cause of my depression. I didn’t want to be depressed, and it’s not exactly something you can avoid but I left home to go to uni, I wasn’t a 100 miles away but I had made the conscious effort to leave and to stay away from home as much as possible and for as long as possible. 

The lifestyle that comes with uni is drinking, like Simon mentions with alcoholism it is caused through stress and I lacked self confidence. At the time I was just plodding along with this constant weighted cloud over me, going to uni completely unhappy, going to work a complete mess. I had left home, I purposely isolated myself and because of this I became overwhelmed and unable to cope. Probably unlike modern millennials I coped my stress through drinking, which was slowly killing me mentally and in time physically. I could honestly never see the end of the bottle; my personality had literally flipped.

Along with this I wasn’t filling my spare time, or actually any of my time with anything productive – I became obsessed with how my body should look almost constantly comparing myself to tall, thin and toned girls on Instagram. I was just ill. This is something Sinek mentions we as millennia’s are consumed by and he’s completely right. 

Sinek has literally explained how we all think and behave into 14 minutes and I can only recommend watching it so you can be as mind blown as I was. Click the link above.  

Posted by:eastcottsammy

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