Like most people, my buying habits are usually through emotional meltdowns; whether i’m feeling a little down and a pick me up IS required or if i’m feeling proud of myself for accomplishing something, literally anything! – retail therapy is always up there as one of my favourite copping mechanisms. 

I describe my buying habit as I buy what I want when I want it? I can’t tell you why I want it, or can I?

Now that my eyes are being opened to the strategies used by marketers, i’m actually noticing I have buying habits. I gravitate towards items i’ve seen in magazines or on celebrities and I go on this search, like it’s a challenge, to find the item I want but the one that has the most value for money or the best quality? This basically means I go to the effort of looking in high street shops and online before I actually decide I’m going to purchase what I want. 

This process can go on for a week or up to a couple of months – effort I know! But the satisfaction at the end when I know this is the right product always makes it seem worth it until the next meltdown! 

I’m guessing people go through this process when they buy more expensive products? So you can only guess what i’m like when an item isn’t between £10-£80. Currently i’m obsessing a little bit over this brand “Shrimps”. I recently read an editorial in Harpers Bazaar Sep ’18 issue, and noticed these bright and delicate illustrations, alongside these bright faux fur coats. 

The creator Hannah Weiland, mentions how her fascination with textures and surfaces has always been the pivotal starting point in her process – she is the designer that brought faux fur to the high end spectrum of the fashion industry and these amazingly detailed handbags, and funny enough i’m looking for a new bag. 

So i’m probably 3 months into ‘my process’ and I’m still really wanting this handbag. Please draw your attention to exhibit A, B and C. 

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C

I can admit my price range is a little eye watering as these bags range from £350 – £450 and doesn’t leave one to have much money left over until payday, but i’ll probably get really emotional about something soon, keep on an eye out Instagram! 

Heres the link for Shrimps –

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